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It happens on our ground 2024

Director: Avner Faingulernt & Hagar Saad Shalom | Documentary | 90 Min.

The story begins in Wendi’s magical childhood garden. The family estate in the picturesque Enz Valley was next to her uncle’s: Baron Konstantin von Neurath was Hitler’s first foreign minister and later Reich protector in Bohemia and Moravia. Wendi’s magic garden, however, became a prison, a place of horror and atrocities: the concentration camp KZ... Read more »
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Festivals/ Awards

DOC AVIV - Competition


World Premier: DOC AVIV 2024

300 Trillion – The debt trap 2022

Director: Rudolph Herzog | Documentary | 80 Min. & 52 Min.

The world is addicted to debt. On the one hand you have states, companies and private individuals who can’t get enough of the sweet drug of money, using it to finance generous tax giveaways, loss-making business operations and overpriced real estate. On the other side are the creditors, who are no less hungry for interest-bearing securities.
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44h 2021/2022

Director: Rotem Gross | Documentary | 52 Min. & 90 Min.

A man lies unconscious in the intensive care unit. The doctors give him 4 hours to live, his wife kisses him goodbye, his father-in-law goes over his insurance policy and plans to get rid of the family dog. 44 hours later, Gil Avni (33) astonishingly wakes up recounting every single minute of it all. A... Read more »
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It is not over yet 2021

Director: Louise Detlefsen | Documentary | 94 Min.

The documentary film Compassion on Prescription portrays a controversial treatment of people with dementia. At the small retirement home in Denmark “Dagmarsminde”, the founding nurse May Eiby has no interest in specific dementia-diagnosis or medicine, since neither is improving the quality of life the 11 residents. Instead May and her staff has developed a new... Read more »
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Hot Docs Festival 2021 World Premiere

World Sales: First Hand Films

Herders 2020

Director: Mark Michel et al. | Documentary | 5x 26min / 1x 90min.

They produce food for millions of people while protecting the environment: our planets nomadic herders. Yet one of the most sustainable life forms is by most perceived as backward and uneconomic. Their thousand years old knowledge is at risk. It is time for a homage to this endangered culture. And a chance to reconsider…
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German TV ARTE
01.02.2021 17:20: Rajasthan
02.02.2021 17:20: Uganda
03.02.2021 17:20: Kirgistan
04.02.2021 17:20: Brandenburg
05.02.2021 17:20: Peru

Stollen 2020

Director: Laura Reichwald | Documentary | 85min

It's christmas time in the Ore Mountains. Thirty years after the German Reunification the mining history of the village of Pöhla became a glorious fairy tale by the elders. The modern „Heimatfilm“ Stollen tells the story about this special time above and under ground.
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Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis /
Documentary Competition
(17. - 24.01.2021)

FilmFestival Cottbus
(02. - 07.11.2021)

Biennale Bavaria
International Festival of New Homeland Film
(16. & 18.09.2021)

German Cinema Release
Advent 2021

Perfect Black 2018 - 2019

Director: Tom Fröhlich | Documentary | 75 min.

6 people, 6 concepts of life, 6 definitions of the perfect black. An ode to diversity in space bathed in darkness.
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Festivals/ Awards

Filmtage Hof - Wettbewerb

CPH:DOX Copenhagen - Official Selection


Let's Dok-Tag 2020
ABATON-Kino Hamburg
Sa, 19.09.2020 18:00 Uhr

CPH:DOX / Copenhagen
Sa, 21.03.2020 16:30 Cinemateket Internationale Premiere

Hofer Filmtage
Do, 24.10.2019 Welt-Premiere

Muhi – Generally Temporary 2017

Director: Rina Castelnuovo-Hollander & Tamir Elterman | Documentary | 85 min. | Worldsales: Lagardere Studios Distribution | Festivaks: Go2Films

A film about an incredibly brave child in the entanglement of the Israeli-Palestinian dilemma. Trapped between the frontlines Muhi fights for his life and a future.
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Festivals/ Awards

* DOKUarts Bjelovar, Croatia 2019: Audience Award
* Unicef Photo of the Year Award 2018: 3. Price
* Move it! Dresden, Germany: Human Rights Award of Dresden
* Flahertiana Film Festival, Perm, Russland: Silver Nanook
* Neiße Filmfestival, Germany: Audience Award
* Festival internazionale Segni della Notte, Urbino, Italy: Edward Snowden Award
* Le Voci dell'Inchiesta, Italy: Grand Jury Prize & Audience Award
* Millenium Festival, Belgium: Audience Award
* Santa Barbara Jewish Film Festival, USA: Best Documentary Film
* Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival, Greece: Special Mention, Amnesty International Jury
* Sochi International Film Festival, Russia: Best Documentary Award
* Guangzhou Doc International Film Festival, China: Golden Kapok Award for Superior Documentary Feature & Golden Kapok Award for Superior Directors
* Internacional Festival Signos de la Noite, Portugal: Night Award
* UK Jewish Film Festival, UK: Audience Award
* DOK Leipzig, Germany: Golden Dove Award
* Docaviv Int'l Film Festival, Israel: Best Debut

In Development And Production:

At Night I Dream of Ordering 2021

Director: Laura Reichwald | Documentary

“At Night I Dream of Ordering” essayistically exposes the actual state of East German mentality in the nuances of a local chronicle. People from Sachsen-Anhalt are warm-blooded. Ambitious, raw and straightforward. The feature-length documentary film circles the concept of “mentality” in contemporary rural East Germany – based on a local chronicle in Cobbel ( Sachsen-Anhalt),... Read more »
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Projects of Celluloid Fabrik:

Milk – facts, figures and beliefs 2017

Director: Winfried Oelsner | Documentary | 60/ 52 Min. | Albatross Worldsales

Milk - an essential food for our wellbeing? The highly processed white industrial product we are supposed to consume on a daily basis is suspected of causing numerous diseases of civilization. We take a closer look at the ongoing debate.
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Festivals/ Awards

Life Science Film Festival, Prague 2017


On ARTE 10. January 2017

Good – better – vegan? 2017

Director: John A. Kantara | Documentary | 45/ 52 Min. | Albatross Worldsales

Modern veganism for those who want it all is the new lifestyle of the young, healthy generation. Gourmet restaurants in Paris now serve vegan haute cuisine, vegan supermarkets are opening up in German cities, celebrities and bloggers are sharing new recipes for vegan cakes and biscuits on the Internet.
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Festivals/ Awards

Life Science Film Festival, Prague 2017
Award of the Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources


On ARTE 10. January 2017

Shalom Italia 2016

Director: Tamar Tal Anati | Documentary | 60/ 70 Min. | Worldsales: The Filmsales Company

A documentary road movie about three Jewish brothers from Italy, all well over 70, in search of the cave which saved their lives during the war. In doing so, questions arise about the nature of remembrance and truth.
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Festivals/ Awards

Doc Aviv, Israel - National Competition
AFI Docs, USA - International Competition
IDFA, Netherlands - Best of Fests
Jewish Film Festival, Australia - Official selection
Festival dei Populi, Italy - Official selection
Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival - Audience Award


German Cinema Release
04. May 2017

Lachesis 2017

Director: Philipp J. Neumann | Short film | 26 Min. | Inka Friedrich, Dinah Geiger, Thomas Dehler, Dietmar Voigt, Franziska Endres u.a.

The second part of the trilogy about the Fates is devoted to Lachesis, who measured the thread of life. Dealing with the controversial issue of assisted dying, it tells the story of a modern young woman and her planned suicide.
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Festivals/ Awards

Premiere 31.03.2017: Schaubühne Lindenfels/ Kurzsüchtig Leipzig

10 Billion – what’s on your plate? 2014

Director: Valentin Thurn | Documentary | 102 / 52 / 45 / 30 Min. | Distribution by Prokino Filmverleih GmbH | Worldsales by Autlook Filmsales

The film examines the big question of how enough food can be produced when the world’s population reaches 10 billion. We’re all active consumers – and the film will help us decide how to act.
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Festivals/ Awards

IDFA 2015, official selection Panorama, Netherlands

Best Documentary, 4th Peace and Love Film Festival, Sweden

31. Agro Filmfestival, Slovak Republic

5th Life Sciences Film Festival, Prague, Award of the Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources

Darßer Naturefilm Festival, Award for Hajo Schomerus for outstanding camerawork

Darßer Naturefilm Festival, Childrens jury award


Free TV Premiere on ARD on
24. August 2016 at 22:45

Theatrical release: 16. April 2015

The Agent 2013

Director: Rudolph Herzog | Documentary | 55 Min. / 42 Min.

In "The Agent", Werner Stiller and his contemporaries report on the professional and private battlefields of the Cold War, touching on sex, jealousy, betrayal and loss of identity.
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05.02.13 ARTE 21:55
06.02.13 ARTE 10:25
19.02.13 ARTE 10:25
22.04.13 ARD 23:30
07.11.13 Einsfestival 17:00
08.11.13 Einsfestival 06:15
08.11.13 Einsfestival 10:30
12.11.13 PHOENIX 20:15
18.11.13 MDR 00:30

Atropos 2010

Director: Philipp J. Neumann | Short film | 15 Min. | with Heinz W. Krückeberg, Brigitte Strohbauer, Leon Virgenz, Tristan Hafermalz, Andreas Keller

The first part of a trilogy about the Fates Atropos, Lachesis and Clotho, Atropos examines death. An old man wakes up to discover that his wife has died in her sleep. A silent production filmed in a single sequence shot about the human effort to deal with loss.
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Festivals/ Awards

Winner of the 2011 KURZSUECHTIG Festival
Winner of the Golden Horseman in the National Competition at the 2012 Dresden Film Festival


24.11.12 MDR 01:30
08.09.13 MDR 03:50