Jürgen Kleinig


Juergen Kleinig graduated in biology in Heidelberg and worked some years for the natural history production company Marco Polo Film. In 2008 he founded the Celluloid Fabrik, since 2017 know as Neue Celluloid Fabrik. He has produced several acclaimed TV and theatrical documentaries. Among these 10 Billion – what’s on your plate? by Valentin Thurn the most successful German cinematic documentary in 2015 (IDFA, Docs against Gravity, Peace&Love). Shalom Italia by Tamar Tal (AFI Docs, IDFA, Dei Populi, Doc Aviv) and the multi-award winning MUHI – gernerally temporary by Rina Castelnuovo and Tamir Elterman in 2017 (DOK Leipzig, Guangzhou, Sochi, Bruxelles, Doc Aviv, a.o.)


Mobile: +49 (0)179 738 9468

Neue Celluloid Fabrik
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Chloé Tallon


Chloé started working in documentary production in 2008 at Temps noir in Paris. In 2010 she moved to Berlin where she kept on working for films and production during 2 years. Back in Paris she joined Nova Production and took part as a production manager in the production of several documentaries for Arte and France Télévision. Then she participated in the creation of, a distribution platform for documentary films, based in Ardèche. In 2018 she went back to Germany, where she is now working as production manager for Neue Celluloid Fabrik since the beginning of 2019.


+49 341 92704813

Tina Leeb


The only constant is change…

End of 2016 Tina founded ►►fastforward and since then works as a freelance producer and consultant for various production companies – including Neue Celluloid Fabrik.

Very warm thanks for our wonderful collaboration – also in the future!


+ 49 (0)179 510 92 00

Mathis van den Berg


After studying applied theater and film studies in Bristol, Mathis now joins the film industry at the Neue Celluloid Fabrik. He is mainly involved in research and project development and would later like to write for film and television. For this purpose, he begins his screenplay studies at the Filmakademie Ludwigsburg in October 2019. We like to wish you lots of sucess! In addition, he remains us as a dramaturge and author.


+49 341 92704813

Leonie Englert


After studying social sciences, Leonie switched to the film industry as a newcomer and worked in various positions on many projects. In 2018 she published her first documentary “Branded – Women on Crete 1941-1945” as a director and read a short film in 2019. Since the middle of 2019 she works at the Neue Celluloid Fabrik – first as a trainee, now as a production manager in our production “Stollen”.


+49 341 92704813

Ruben Schubert


Ruben is currently studying cultural and media education with a focus on theater / film and was already working in the documentary production “Adolf Reichwein in Halle”, as well as in some local theater productions. He is currently working as a production assistant in the Neue Celluloid Fabrik, concentrating on research and coordination / project development.


+49 341 92704813