Stollen 2019/2020

Director: Laura Reichwald | Documentary

Thirty years after the German Reunification the mining industry of Pöhla became a fairy tale by the elders, regardless its devastating impact on the health of the population.

The mining industry had irrversibally shaped the landscape. After the last uranium mine closed in 1992 the people had to built up a new identity as a wellness tourist attraction.

The christmas season is the only time when new touristic and old mining customs, commercial and identity sustaining traditions combine. People bake the famous Stollen, they collectivly sing for the traditional „Mettenschicht“ inside the Mine and they watch the performance of the midnight mass. What looks like a glorious winter wonderland, actually means hard work for the population in the present just like in the past.

The modern „Heimatfilm“ Stollen tells the story of this special time of the year above and under ground.

All the generations of Pöhla’s population are being portraied pursuing their labour and living their daily life. Personal stories and opinions interact with the heritage of local history. And together they draw a complex psychogram of a region, which is struggling with its identity, concerning the fact that in 2019 the mining industry took a new chance in the region, building a pilot plant for mining tin.


Jürgen Kleinig (Neue Celluloid Fabrik), Marcello Busse (Busse), Stephan Bernardes (Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf)