Milk – facts, figures and beliefs 2017

Director: Winfried Oelsner | Documentary | 60/ 52 Min. | Albatross Worldsales

Festivals/ Awards

Life Science Film Festival, Prague 2017

Is milk really healthy? Or does it sometimes have the opposite effect? Can it still be classed as a natural product? Milk’s long-standing clean image is starting to tarnish. Dairy products are now among the most controversial foodstuffs – and their detractors are growing louder. A heated, emotional debate – a veritable war of faith – has been seething between supporters and opponents for years. As a result, consumers are increasingly wary.

In search of clarity, we visit scientists, doctors, dairy farmers and insiders from the milk industry across Europe. Who’s behind the opinions for and against milk? Whom should we believe? And where’s the proof?

We set out on a journey searching for answers to these questions.


Winfried Oelsner


Frederik Walker


Marc Accensi


Sven Klöpper


Birte Gräper, SWR/ ARTE


Tina Leeb & Jürgen Kleinig


Fabian Garrido


On ARTE 10. January 2017